Saturday, November 20, 2010

the Stout kids

Hello World We're Here Again

I cannot believe it has been over 2 years since I last blogged. Life is so busy and much has changed in the Stout house. The bumps and curves along the way have taught us many life lessons. There have been losses and additions, but God has made all of it good in His own special way. We have had an addition to our family since the last posting in 2008. Tony found out last year around this time that he had a 17 year old son, Joshua Tyler Combes. It has been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions. He is a great young man. It's crazy how much he is like his dad even though he did not grow up with him. Tony had no idea he existed until the phone call. It was a painful road to find out he had missed out on so much but we have determined to release the past and those that were aware so we can treasure the moments we do have. Greenside Up is doing great! God has favored Tony and the business so much. We are grateful. Avery and Ella are both in show choir and basketball @ their school. Avery is excelling as forward. She is usually the high scorer of the games. Luke is our superstar baseball player. Mackenzie is involved in show choir and drama. She has found her niche and loves it! We are very proud. She had the opportunity to sing @ the Holiday Lights opening night. It was her first time to sing the National Anthem in public and will definitely be a night she will not soon forget. Farah? Well, I'm releasing a CD in about 3 weeks, Great Expectations. So in love with the Dream Giver- Thank you Jesus!

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Madness

Well it has been quite a while since either one of blogged. We always tell ourselves that things will slow down after Christmas, but it doesn't. Especially when you have a big family; there is always something going on. School terms are finishing and we are headed into a fun summer. I always enjoy the end of the school year because the kids enjoy school play presentations, EOY events and they are excited for the summer break coming. It has been no different this year.

Bella debuted her singing career at the Soldier Creek Elementary 1st and 2nd grade play. She sang the school song and blew everyone away. What a songbird! Avery had a speaking part as a sheep. we are pretty proud. Roo is busy with Pom again as she made the 08-09 squad. She is quite the dancer. She is also busy helping VeloCity as a Jr sponsor. One thing she loves to do with her sisters and friends is make videos. They are very entertaining. Spanky is back into ball season. What a ball player. A friend said if he doesn't make it playing baseball, then he will make it in Hollywood playing a ballplayer because of his entertaining personality. He is quite a character. The "ham" of the family.

We enjoyed a great Mother's Day with my mom and aunt. It's always nice to share a day with family; it doesn't get to happen often enough. Spanky is fighting an ear infection and pneumonia. It came on very quickly yesterday afternoon. If you ask him, he will tell you adamantly, "I am NOT sick!" And there you have it, he is my faith boy. He is not crazy about breathing treatments as you will see in the pic. We hope you all are blessed, healthy and making the most out of your life. Love you much!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

C3 challenge

We recently attended the C3 conference in TX @ Fellowship Church. We always have a great time of inspiration each year we go. They are so creative and excellent at what they do. For the past three years I have said "I am not a T.D. Jakes fan"(it's the whole sweat and towel thing), but each year I walk away saying he is my favorite conference speaker. He always challenges me to go deeper, live bigger and serve more. He taught on the order of the breaking of bread which we see throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. He took, He blessed, He broke and He gave. What a powerful truth illuminated to us. What season or place do you find yourself in, being taken, blessed, broken or given? Meditate on that.

Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CAUGHT YA!!!!!!!!

Caught ya with a great looking smile on your face!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Catalyst Valentines Banquet

WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a great time was had by all at the Catalyst Valentines Banquet. Here we are cutting a rug and enjoying each others company. There was a live jazz band from a local university and they did a great job. However they were upstaged by the local talent from our church. What great talent and a fantastic show (especially when Red sang "When you say you love me"). Can you say "SHOW STOPPER"?!!!!!!!